Beware of Fake News: Minister actually rejected the N81million bill. 

As a result of misinterpretation of what the Minister or Youth and Sports Development Sunday Dare said as regards clearing of the  bushy areas of the Moshood Abiola National Stadium Abuja while answering questions during a seminar organized by the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) FCT Chapter, brings out the full transcripts of what the Minister said:

Read full transcripts:

“When we went to Abuja Environmental, for a one time clearing, they gave us a bill of 81MIllion. If I tell Nigerians that I have 81MIllion and I used the money to clear the National Stadium so that bush rats will be taken away instead of using that money to bring back the high performance centre, you will be the first people to attack me.

“It’s opportunity cost, it’s tough, the fund is just not there. But we have made some efforts. But if you cut it during raining season this week, next week it grows again, if you cut next week it still grows.

“The answer is we get this place so busy that people can come in and use the facilities. Also when we have sports as business we would have facilities manager, we can have sections that people can pay certain fees. With the revenue that comes in, we are going to start an out door open walk hall of fame, one kilometre stretch with 14 sporting legends to be put there.

“We are going to have water parks. It’s already designed, we are just waiting for private funds. That can generate for us about 150- 200 million every year. This is not in our hands, but in private hands.

“There is a vision in that direction. But it is noted. We canot do one hundred maintenance of the grasses, but we will continue to do our best. So hold your fire about looking for bush rats, we shall do something about that”.

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