Gernot Rohr predicts great times, bright future for Osimhen in Napoli

Super Eagles’ team handler Gernot Rohr has predicted great times and brighter future for Eagles’ forward Victor Osimhen in Napoli Football Club after signing a five year contract deal with Italian club giants, gathered from SPORTINGLIFE.

“I have a good feeling about the transfer of (Victor) Osimhen because Napoli is a fantastic club for him.

“As regards why the deal was delayed, it is normal especially at this moment where the meetings are difficult and then involving travellings and other things associated with player’s transfer’s procedures. But it is a good thing, despite the delay it is normal for long discussions”, Rohr disclosed.

The Eagles handler who hailed the Eagles’forward’s movement to Napoli also expects Osimhen to do well at his new club.

“My expectations concerning Osimhen’s future in Napoli is that he will have a great and rewarding future at the club. In Napoli he can progress so much with a great Coach like (Gennaro) Gattuso and with the fact that he will also have the compliments of good players as his teammates around him. So he is in a good situation”, Rohr told SPORTINGLIFE.

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