World Taekwondo body sets registration deadline for Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifiers

Photo: Vice President of World Taekwondo, and President of the World Taekwondo African Body, Gen. Ahmed Fouly with NTF President, Margaret Binga

World Taekwondo has set 10th January 2020 as the normal registration deadline for the African Qualification Tournament for Tokyo 2020, which is scheduled to hold 22 – 23 February 2019.

For the critical qualification tournament, each country is eligible to register athletes in only four categories out of the eight Olympic weight categories, and the registration is to be done through the World Taekwondo Global Membership System.

Vice President of World Taekwondo and President of World Taekwondo African, Gen Ahmed Fouly, promised a good event.

“I expect that the African Qualifications will serve as an opportunity for the top elite African athletes to display their skills. Rest assured that the World Taekwondo Africa and the Organizing Committee will do its utmost effort to ensure the success of the championships.”

Dr Driss Halili, who is the President of the Morocco Taekwondo Federation and hosts, encouraged participants to display the highest spirit of Olympism.

“I hope that you and your honored athletes will come to this event to display the highest spirit of the Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport to be one of the African ambassadors to Tokyo 2020 games.”

The tournament will be the only opportunity for athletes on the African continent to make it to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Nigeria Taekwondo is expected to field a full team and will be racing against time to meet the deadline.

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