WAFU Women’s Cup final: Falcons will score goals to beat Cote d’Ivoire- Madu

The Ghanaian ladies prevented free scoring Super Falcons from getting the goals in the semifinal of the ongoing WAFU Women’s Cup tournament though Falcons eventually won the match 4-2 via penalty but the Assistant Coach of the Nigerian team Maureen Madu has assured that her girls will deliver the goals in Sunday’s final against host Cote d’Ivoire to win the Trophy at stake.

“We had more chances than the Black Queens of Ghana and football is like that sometimes attackers become more nervous and tries to score by all means to please the coaches and the crowd. In that case they do make some mistakes, but we are promising Nigeria on behalf of our attackers, they will score in the final against the host Cote d’Ivoire. Although it’s going to be a very difficult game even harder than the match against Ghana, but we have told the girls not to relent in their efforts but to go all out and show the Nigerian spirit to win the match ”, Madu assured.

Madu, however believed that the Nigerian ladies had a better game against Ghana when compared with the last group B match against Mali that they won 2-0. “It was a very good victory we had today. We were so happy that then players went inside the pitch today and fight so hard against Ghana. They really fought so hard.

“The second half was much, much better. The players really exhibited the spirit of never say die. We told them that today’s (Thursday’s) game is going to be tough and that they must be aggressive. They went inside the pitch and were so aggressive in today’s game. We are happy that we beat Ghana because last year they won us via the same penalty kicks.

“ Maybe many people can say its revenge but we told the girls to go in there and do their best to make the nation proud and we are proud of them that they did just that and we are now in the final. We thank Nigerians for their support so far.

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