Paralympics Committee election: Paralympics gold medalists advocate for corporate bodies’ inclusion

From Samuel Oguns, Abuja

Prominent Olympians in the powerlifting Federation have unanimously agreed and called for a change in the administration of disabled sports in the country by voting in able bodies, corporate and wealthy sports administrators in the next election of Paralympics Committee of Nigeria.

The athletes who have won gold medals for Nigeria told NationSport that if corporate bodies and wealthy individuals are represented in the Paralympics Committee, the status and lives of athletes would be positively affected.

According to an Olympic powerlifting gold medalist Esther Onyema, “All we need is a change. I don’t care to know who is going to come in but we need a better person that will move us forward. Enough is enough. We all want to achieve our goals.

“We have suffered enough for the country. We need private companies, corporate bodies and well to do individuals that can come to our aid to be included or voted in in the PCN election. We don’t have good leaders. We need the right people that can speak for us”, Onyema told NationSport in Abuja.

Another Paralympics gold medalist in powerlifting Aligekwe Obioma also expressed his mind on the issue. ” I believe in the Constitution guiding the Paralympics Committee of Nigeria. So we need somebody who can help us to achieve our aim and goals. We want corporate bodies and wealthy individuals to be included in the executive body of PCN”, Aligekwe offered.

Lucky Ejike another Paralympics gold medalist also buttress, ” For the forthcoming election of PCN we need somebody that will help uplift the Paralympics movement in Nigeria. Right now things are not moving normal. We need somebody who will move things, somebody who is active and have the connection to high places to meet up with our needs whether disabled or not”, she also disclosed.

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